When I was planning my wedding, Kelle was an amazing support, as she listened to what I really needed for my wedding bouquets. Kelle also put a lot of effort in finding what was best for me by reviewing all the pictures I had in mind of
bouquets for my wedding. She looked at the big picture to find out what my wants and needs were to create these beautiful bouquets. When Kelle and I worked together to find the flowers that were right for the wedding, she always brought enthusiasm, creativity, and open communication. I appreciate all the hard work Kelle put into finding the perfect flowers for my wedding. I feel so privileged to have found that person that added that loving touch to my wedding by putting her heart into what she does.

-Lorraine Mitrev

Lorraine and Kimmy by Carson Photography 251.JPG


I received a flower arrangement for my 40th Birthday that was designed by Kelle. Words can not describe how beautiful and gorgeous the arrangement was! She really knows how to arrange the flowers to match the occasion. I would not hesitate to buy or order my flower arrangements from Kelle!

-Kerri Haverland Schebek

Over the last 13 years, I have received many magical floral bouquets from Kelle. Her talent and eye to bring colour and textures together to lift someone's spirit is a TRUE  GIFT!! Also her kindness, love and laughter will send you off with a smile and gratitude that you have shared a few moments together with an amazing woman..

-Carla Fox